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No two real estate investors are the same. You may have similar styles & tastes but there is always something about you and your business that makes you start at the same point but where we go from there is completely up to us. There is no sugarcoating the fact that investing is difficult at […]

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A little design magic can make even the tiniest bathroom feel spacious. Small bathrooms aren’t the easiest spaces to work with. They’re usually cramped and crowded, with limited natural light and awkward layouts. Whether it’s your powder room or your apartment bathroom that’s cramping your style, here are a few tips for making any small […]

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Nothing is more beneficial to your long term financial health than the right rental property. Sure, quick flips and rehabs are great for the short term but a strategic acquisition of a rental property can completely change your portfolio. Not only are they a source for surplus monthly cash flow, but they also build equity […]

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Marie is always a pleasure to do business with. She is very professional and always with an upbeat attitude and a smile on her face. Any time we need some assistance we can always count on Marie. Stan H. True Professionals and a joy to work with. Helena D. Marie and Chris with Steller Property Solutions have always been a pleasure to work with. They really care about the community and their clients. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Patricia W.

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